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NU-TIRE is formulated to give a deep, rich, long lasting shine.


The waterproof formula will not wash or sling off.  It feels dry to the touch and repels dirt, making cleaning a snap!


You can control the level of shine. Have a satin finish with 1-2 coats and a gloss finish with 3 coats.


Contains no silicone, petroleum distillates or dye.  Perfect for show cars and street rides.




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nutire tire shine

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Deep, rich shine!

Microfiber Applicator


NU-TIRE Permanent Tire Dressing

The longest lasting tire shine

The best tire shine

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  • Permanent Shine

  • Repels Dirt And Brake Dust

  • No Sling Off

  • Lasts Through Hundreds of Car Washes

  • Makes Any Tire Look New!

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