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Keeps Tires Looking New



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NU-TIRE is a permanent tire shine clearcoat that gives tires a deep, rich shine for that "brand new" look and lasts up to one year!


This revolutionary coating protects tires by repelling snow, water, dirt and brake dust.  Tires will not turn brown or fade.


NU-TIRE feels smooth and dry to the touch.  It will not sling or wash off and makes cleaning a snap!


Safe, water-based formula contains no silicone, petroleum distillates or dye. Wipe on application eliminates overspray on rims.  Easy to follow instructions on the bottle for professional results.  Perfect for show cars and street rides.



6 oz bottle of NU-TIRE

Foam Applicator

Shines & Protects 20 Tires


$29.99  Free Shipping!

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Deep, rich, permanent shine!

Makes any tire look brand new!

30 day
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NU-TIRE Permanent Tire Dressing

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